Friday, May 11, 2007


Mobile Spy activity monitoring software

Mobile Spy activity monitoring software (from Retina-X Studios LLC.) for Windows Mobile based smartphones , is the first activity monitoring software for Windows Mobile based smartphones. Once this software is installed on a smartphone, the program enables users to monitor, in real time, SMS details and incoming & out-going call details online.

Software is completely hidden from view and it records all SMS text messages and call information. It then uploads logs to the user's private account which they can check online without needing further access to the smartphone. Mobile Spy activity monitoring software runs in full stealth mode and shows no entries inside Windows Mobile Task Manager.

Mobile Spy gives parents the ability to remotely monitor the family members text and call activities. Businesses can also use Mobile Spy to enforce their Acceptable Use Policy on company-provided phones. Or, you can use is to backup a your own cell activity as a record of all important communications.

Mobile Spy is designed for smartphones running the Windows Mobile operating system including Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 SE, 5.0 and 6.0. The product is available now at

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